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We all have some sort of intention, whether it be to save money or find love, that we never get to. You know, we are what we do. What we do, the actions we take, the thoughts we think are our intentional actions.

I know, it sounds like a no-brainer, but we can find ourselves playing the same game over and over again: we want to save money, we want to make love, we want to be loved in return, we want to get that promotion or we want to buy a new TV, we want to play better soccer, we want to win the lottery, we want to take out some more debt.

We are what we do to ourselves. It is in our souls and in our behavior that we make decisions, that we make choices. We have a choice every day to either become better, happier, more successful, or we continue on our merry way. The important thing is to choose wisely and to do it with intention.

We are all going to make mistakes. When we do, we need to learn from them, to take our next step. I think this is the most important thing to consider when it comes to having a fulfilling life. If you are not a committed person, then you are not going to make the right choices. The reason why I am so passionate about this is because I want to help people to not let their mistakes and failures ruin their life.

In a way, it’s easy to be too busy to truly take care of yourself. We live in a world where so many people are so busy they have no time to get in touch with their own souls. I think it’s important to take a moment to listen to ourselves.

I think you are right. We make so many mistakes and the best way to fix them is to take the time to listen to ourselves and understand our own needs and desires.

I really like what you said. I think the idea of having a list of things we have to do or feel good about is really important, and I think something that really resonated with me was your statement that every choice we make affects us in ways we often don’t even understand. Its amazing how we can make choices that are in our best interest and yet make bad choices in ways that hurt people. Our choices affect our lives in ways we often don’t know about.

That’s a problem, because as humans we’re not really good at figuring out how to deal with these kinds of things. It’s hard to know that we really are doing the right thing when we’re not even aware of it.

For most of us, the way we think about things is not always in our best interest.

We tend to think in these black and white terms. We are not as open to the world as we could be, and often we may not be aware of the damage we are doing to people. The only way to know the big picture is to try and figure out all of the little details.

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