powerful morning affirmations: 11 Thing You’re Forgetting to Do


I have found that the most effective morning affirmations are simple and non-intrusive. I’ve found that if I say them out loud as I walk to the shower or brush my teeth or get out of bed, they often start to stick. But when I do my morning affirmations in person, it usually does the trick.

For years I’ve been using affirmations to help me feel more positive about my life, and I’ve found that they work really well when I use them in person. What’s interesting is that it’s not so much the message that makes an affirmation effective in its own right, but the way that you say it. A simple affirmation that says, “I want to be more positive” works as well as a lengthy affirmation, like, “I want to be more confident.

For me, the difference between an affirmation and a simple affirmation is that the former is positive and encouraging while the latter is negative and critical. A simple affirmation is a simple way to say, “I am more positive than I have ever been.

A good affirmation is more likely to be effective if you start by saying something that is positive and encouraging, like, I want to be more positive than I have been in the past. That kind of affirmation, if you do it right, is going to give you an automatic boost in your attitude, increasing your confidence and boosting your self-esteem.

Your affirmations are not just positive affirmations. Your affirmations are also going to be powerful affirmations. People who say affirmations on a regular basis are better at getting themselves motivated to reach their goals. They have more confidence in their ability to achieve their goals. So the next time you say, I am positive, it is going to have a much greater effect than if you say, I am positive.

I heard this quote from a friend recently and I think it is so powerful. She said, “I am positive because I am positive.” So true.

Affirmations are great because they are powerful. They take into account a lot of the things you do and are doing and say, “Hey, I know you are feeling better. You are feeling proud of your self. You are feeling good. You are feeling powerful. You are feeling strong.” They are kind of like “self-talk”. They might make you feel a little better about something, but they are not going to make you feel even slightly better.

I think she meant that they were powerful enough to make you feel proud of yourself. She said, I am positive because I am positive. So true.

I don’t know how many of you are going to agree with her. But I want to tell you that if you are feeling good about yourself, it is because you are not only doing something. You are standing still. You are not thinking. You are not asking yourself how you feel. You are not wondering if you should feel better. You are not doubting yourself.

The truth is, most people who are negative think they are doing something, but they are not. They are just not. And the best part is that they only feel this when they are not doing something. When you are doing something, you feel positive about yourself, and you feel negative about yourself.

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