A Look Into the Future: What Will the poor people have it rich people need it Industry Look Like in 10 Years?


The fact is that rich people get it, poor people don’t have it.

If you want to be rich, you gotta work for it. If you want to be poor, you need it.

If you’ve ever wondered why rich people don’t do any of the things they talk about, and why poor people are so poor in comparison, well, the answer is simple: rich people are actually just poor. The reason why they’re rich and poor at the same time is because their brains are different.

And as you’d expect, the rich people in our new video are all super rich. They’re all like, “Oh, yeah, I’m rich,” and I’m like, “Oh my god, I’m a doctor.” They’re all super successful, super rich and super successful. The poor people are all super poor.

You know what rich people are always saying? That poor people are lazy. Well, the poor people are lazy because theyre lazy. Why do you need to go to all the trouble of being poor when youre lazy? Why do you need to be a doctor, lawyer, carpenter, stockbroker, or chef all of the time? Because rich people dont do any of that. So what do the poor people do? They do things theyre lazy people wouldnt do.

This is part of the reason why poor people get so sick. When youre poor, youre not able to think about the long term. Youre not able to think about the consequences of your actions. Youre not able to think about the long term consequences of your actions because the consequences of your actions are always going to come, whether you plan for them or not.

This is in part why the poor get sick. They are lazy, and lazy people get sick. They are lazy enough that they cannot think through their problems, or are so lazy that they can never think about what their problems are and why they need help.

When we see a poor person sick, we think they are lazy and sick. But when we see that lazy person sick, we think it is because he has a problem.

And that problem is not because he is lazy; it is because he has a problem. He had a problem, he had to go to the doctor, and they said he had the flu. So he has a problem, and that is why he gets sick.

Poor people get sick because they have a problem; lazy people get sick because they are lazy. There are times when we want to be lazy, and times when we want to be poor. But our lazy or poor mentality is just another way of saying that we are lazy.

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