A monke is a small, round, roundish, or roundish-ish animal with a deep, squat body and a flat rounded forehead.

Monke is a very common word, and the way in which it is used in the English language gives it a very distinctive appearance. But despite that, it conjures up images of a strange, awkward, and unfriendly creature. I suppose it’s appropriate that when you say monke, you’re actually saying “my friend.” But you’re not a friend, you’re a dog.

Although there are plenty of monke (or monke-like) creatures in the world, Monke seems to be the most famous of all. People see a monke almost every time they enter a supermarket or a restaurant, and it seems to have a very bad reputation. It was thought to be a creature that caused random car accidents, but was eventually found to be an innocent dog that was being abused by its owners.

Well, you may have a bad reputation, but you’re very much a dog. One can only imagine how you must feel.

Monke is a dog breed that originated in Central Russia. Monke originated in the region where it is still found today, which is around the city called Leningrad. This is where the monke is said to come from, but the idea of a monke originates from the fact that an animal that looks like a dog but is not a dog was originally thought to cause car accidents.

We can only imagine how you must feel, but if you have a bad reputation, you won’t be the only one. Monke is a breed of dog that is believed to be one of the oldest breeds in the world. They were originally bred to hunt, and were used in hunting to the point where they could run at full speed and never get tired. They were also used as a guard dog.

Monke is a dog that looks similar to a dog but is not a dog. A monke is a dog that looks like a dog, but that is a dog that is not a dog. A monke is a dog that looks like a dog, but that is a dog that is not a dog. A monke is a dog that looks like a dog, but that is a dog that is not a dog.

Monke is known for having the ability to fly and be invisible. We have yet to see if they can do the same with guns, but if the internet does, we hope it can provide some interesting footage.

One of the perks of being a guard dog is that you get to meet other guard dogs. While they may not look like they are guarding the house you are in, they are in fact doing your bidding and protecting you against attack.

A guard dog is basically an invisible dog. The fact that you can meet other invisible dogs is great, but you can’t meet other actual dogs because they are all ‘monke.

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