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“What’s the difference between a fast quote, and a slow quote? A slow quote is a quote that’s just a couple of words.” – Bill Clinton.

A fast quote is a quote that is only a few words. For example, “If you don’t like something, then don’t talk about it.

A slow quote has a meaning and is meant to be used in a specific situation. For example, if you dont like something, then dont say it.

The fast-quote debate has been raging in the blogosphere for years now. People like to say that you cannot be fast and not be lazy. In reality, you can be lazy and fast at the same time, but you can also be lazy and fast at the same time, but it doesnt have to be the same person. You can be lazy and fast at the same time and still be a good person.

It all comes down to the same thing. People like talking fast and being lazy. The quick-quote debate is a simple way to see the difference between the two. If a person says something and it is a quick-quote, then they are lazy. If they are lazy then they are a fast-quote.

The quick quotes people talk fast about are: “I’m going to go to the store, I’m going to get some eggs,” “We’ll see how fast we can go,” and “I’m going to go to the store, I’m going to get some milk.

Same time, same person. Fast quotes aren’t really a thing people really talk about. They’re just a way to see who’s more lazy. To say, “I’m going to go to the store,” is to say, “I’m lazy and am going to take my car.” The lazy person does not go to the store. They get their car. The fast quote person goes to the store.

People talk fast about what they say because they feel compelled to say it and the more you feel compelled to say it, the quicker you will. I mean, really, if you say you’re going to the store, you’re going to the store. You’re going to get some food. You’re going to get your car. You’re going to get some eggs. Now you’re going to the store.

That’s it. That’s the way to say it. That’s how to get your car. That’s how to get your eggs. It’s the quick way. That’s how you act fast. If you’re not careful, you’ll act fast.

Fast quotes are, of course, a great way to get people to read your tweets and articles. But they aren’t nearly as effective as a full-length article. In other words, a quick quote is often a very short paragraph that isn’t worth the time. You can quickly get someone to read your blog post, but not a full-length article.

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