How to Get More Results Out of Your diah


diah is a modern-day, clean-slate aesthetic for the 21st century. It’s a philosophy that encourages us to be honest and open-minded, to put down our phones, computers, and TVs, and to take the time to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of things. It’s an approach that also encourages us to be intentional about our actions, and to find ways—through simplicity, mindfulness, and regular practice—to be more present and engaged.

diah is also an approach, but it’s more of an approach towards doing things, rather than about things. We’re doing things for a number of reasons, not solely because we want to. And diah is the way we make the most of our time given to us. The way we take the time to see the beauty and simplicity of things, and the way we do so consciously.

diah is a practice that we can do. As we’re going to see later on, diah is a practice that is difficult, but it’s also one that is rewarding. In fact, it’s very rewarding, because we’re not just accomplishing something in our own head, but we’re also doing something that we can be proud of, and that we’re actually very proud of.

One way to make diah a practice is to take the time to consciously notice your surroundings and to make the most of that. In other words, we can’t just put the world and everything in our head. We have to actively and consciously notice that we are living in a place.

Diah is a game that takes a minimalist approach to what you can do to your surroundings in real life. It allows you to actively notice the world around you, and to take the action that makes the most sense. It’s not just about “dying slowly” as it’s implied, something that happens in real life, because this game is about living and thriving in the moment.

As an example, one of the most famous moments in the film “The Blair Witch Project” is when the protagonist takes a bite out of an apple, and it doesn’t even taste bad. It’s because that moment of awareness is something you can directly control, and it happens almost at the exact moment you’re supposed to.

I feel like the most recent trend you could apply to diah is the movement of the camera towards the player. As the gameplay progresses, the camera zooms in closer and closer to the player. As a result, you are more aware of the entire situation and more aware of what you should do next.

When I watch games like League of Legends or Dota 2, I don’t really feel I’m playing an actual person, but rather, an avatar. They don’t actually “try” me, nor do they really have to. When I play a game, I am just one of the thousands of players who take part, and so I tend to be aware of the world around me, but because I’m not actually in it, I don’t have to pay attention to any of it.

This is a very different feeling than the one you get when you play a game, where you actually want to be a part of the game. Even when you are in a game, you are just an avatar, and that is the way you want to be. This is why you want to watch a game, because you want to see yourself playing, and you want to know that you are not just an avatar in your own head.

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