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I’m not sure if this has to do with the fact that we can now participate in “solo” groups, or maybe it’s a new awareness of the need to participate with others. I’m just happy to be able to ask other people for advice about how to do these things with their families or my own.

We are also now able to request that people who are interested in helping us out can join in. It’s kind of like a group mastermind. The first thing I did was post an announcement on our Facebook page asking people to let us know if they might be interested. We have over 300 people on our group right now, so if you have a project that you’d like to get involved in, please check the group to see if one of us is available to join.

The group is super cool and really helped us get started with the campaign. People have been super supportive and helpful, and are also very generous with their time. I’m especially grateful to our two admins, Mr. and Mrs. Alain, for making this so much fun for all of us. I’m also glad we were able to get a few of our friends involved. Last night we hosted a few drinks with them and had a great time together.

There was a lot of really great feedback and some awesome discussion, and I’m very glad to be a part of it. The group has been a tremendous help for us, especially with our new campaign.

We have been getting a lot of awesome and helpful comments on our forum. We are very hopeful that we can make changes to some of these suggestions to make them better for everyone.

There are tons of things that make a game worth playing, and many of these are things that a lot of people are interested in. However, there are lots of things that aren’t worth spending time on. And a lot of people that are involved in a game aren’t really sure what they’re doing. This is where our campaign comes in.

We created a short video telling the story of our project and what we hope to achieve. We also made a list of things we want to change, and we’re going to ask you to vote on what should and should not be changed. We’re going to also try to convince the team to get back to us if we make a suggestion that is not on the list.

We will continue to do this, and we appreciate all of the support.

As a result of our video, we have been invited to a few events with the rest of the team. We’ve been invited to PAX East, a fan game jam next week, and a few smaller events. This is just a start. We hope to help other developers get involved in the game, and continue to help keep the game up to date with all the updates.

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