dave ramsey reddit: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think


This is the first time I’ve ever written a post directly on reddit, and that’s largely because it’s been a couple years since I’ve been on the site. This post, however, is not intended to be a rant, or the type of comment that someone might see as being particularly negative. Rather, I just wanted to mention something that has been on my mind lately, and in the process, to share something that I’ve learned from my journey.

Ive been on reddit for a few years now, and Ive learned a lot about the site in that time. The most important thing Ive learned is that it is a very welcoming place. There arent many places in the world where you can go and have people talk to you for hours about the things that matter to you, and that they find you interesting. With that, Ive learned that not all people are like this.

As Ive progressed through the internet, Ive also become more aware of the people I have met there. Most of them are extremely intelligent, but not quite as smart as I am, and you cant talk to them in the same way that you can talk to me. Ive learned, in the same way Ive learned about anything, that being smart is not enough. You need to be able to talk with people that are smarter than you too.

Ive learned that being smart isnt enough. People are smarter than they think they are, and they need to be able to get that knowledge out of their head. Even with the internet, this is still a hard task. There are just so many people that are smarter than you, and you can’t really talk to them. If you try to, they’ll find out that you’re not actually smart, or that you are.

When you are able to communicate with individuals that are smarter than you, you have a greater chance of actually being able to influence them. So when you go to a club with friends, and there are lots of people there that are smarter than you, there is a greater chance that you will be able to influence them.

This is kind of important because I feel like it’s easier to talk to people that are smarter than you than to be talking to people that are smarter than your friends. But if you are only talking to people that are smarter than you, and you try to interact with people that aren’t smarter than you, that is really hard.

This is where the “smart” in “smart people” comes in. You should try to influence other people that are smarter than you because, really, they are smarter than you, and you are smarter than them. That’s the “power” of influence.

I think we all have to struggle with this one. It is hard to know how to be with people that are smarter than you when you are smart and they are not. The whole concept of the smart in smart people is hard to understand, because it is not clear to us what we mean when we say that we are smart. When I was younger and trying to figure it out I looked at a lot of people and tried to figure out what the word meant.

In the early 90s I was taking classes in college, and one of the required classes was the class on how to use the social networking site facebook. I remember in one class, one of the other students was a girl named dave ramsey. She was an intelligent girl, but she was also a pretty weird girl.

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