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This is what the new construction home is all about. This is the “assembly protocol.” Building a new home is one of those things that is so easy to do, you can do it on the weekend, and then move on to the next project. Building a new home is an interesting proposition with so many different variables that you truly can’t predict the future.

When you build a new home, you are really just putting up that first wall, putting up the foundation, putting up the plumbing, putting up the electrical and cable, putting up the heating and cooling and furnishing, putting up the painting, putting up the landscaping, putting up the flooring, putting up the appliances, putting up the appliances and fixtures, putting up the drywall… and you’re done. It is that easy.

The problem is when it all comes together and it is all put up you might not know how much your new place will cost. It is that easy.

For our base price of $3,600, youll be able to paint your new house, install all of the electrical and plumbing you want and have it ready for the next tenant for just under two weeks. We did our own construction and had a crew of eight men working on the last floor, but it was still a pretty long time for us. And that’s assuming the electrical and plumbing aren’t going to be a problem.

To make it feel a little different, we got a couple of new features. The first is a new price. As previously mentioned, it is currently $3,600. That’s about $60 per square foot. So if you paint your new home before the contract is signed (says my handy dandy tax preparer) the new price will be $2,800, or $34 per square foot.

We should just know what the new price is. If it is 3,600, that means we’ll be painting our home for 3.08 years. If it is 2,800, that means we’ll be painting our home for 2.89 years.

That’s a long time! But that’s not the only new feature. The other is a new build time. The build time for our home is now three days, or about four hours. So if we paint our new home before the contract is signed says my handy dandy tax preparer, the build time will be three days, or about four hours.

The one thing the build time won’t change is the fact that we were told we could paint a new house with any color on the market. So when we went to pick out our paint color, we discovered that all of the colors sold for about $2 more per square foot. The reason for the increase is that the paint stores just aren’t making any more paint, even though it costs more to make new paint.

The only way to keep the price of the paint down is to make sure you have the color you want, but it’s not going to happen. We are just getting the paint we want from the store, and there’s literally no way for us to get more than that.

This is a problem for the home-builders. The paint stores may not be making any more paint, but they can still make more. The paint stores are often located in the same building that the home-builders work out of, so they’re always there. If you’re an owner, you have a better chance of getting the paint you want for less money.

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