13 Things About 30/50 You May Not Have Known


This is a question that I get asked all the time. To be honest, I usually answer it by saying that I don’t really know. I’m not really sure of the answer to it, but I do know this: the more times you do something, the more likely you are to do it again.

Well, yeah. In that sense, the answer is “It really depends.” If you’re like me, you’re a “30%” person. You’re the type of person who doesn’t have a lot of ideas, and that means you’re always working on a project that you have no interest in.

Its a little different for me. I would say that I have a handful of ideas (although this is mostly in the context of video games), but those ideas never really get started. I think this is because I have a lot of free time on my hands and I dont have a lot of time to devote to anything.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is no such thing as a 50 person. It is much easier to think youre a 50 person. Thats not to say that there arent enough of you to make up for youre lack of ideas.

While I think that I might be a 50 person myself, I think that there are more than 50 people like me out there. The reason that I have so many ideas is because I have spent so many hours on a computer. I have a ton of ideas because I enjoy creating and I like to think that I can change things. I also think that I can make people more aware of what is happening in the world.

I’ve come across many 50-person people in my life and the majority of them are either dorks or trolls. They don’t give a damn about anything. They aren’t interested in change and they don’t care about the rest of us. They’re more interested in being the centre of attention, so that they can be the one who yells the loudest. They’re less interested in improving the lives of everyone else around them.

I’m not sure if that’s really true, but it’s a common thing to see in the age of social media, especially in the ‘we’re all busy’ or ‘life is too hectic’ age.

You know what I find interesting? Theyre not all the same. In the 90s, there was a lot of media hype about how technology was a great way to enhance our lives. Ive noticed that since then things have shifted in the opposite direction. Now, we see that technology has a way of reducing our lives to a few simple steps in front of us, and that we are constantly on the lookout for the next cool thing.

This is the case with apps, especially those for smart phones. On one hand, this is great because it makes our smartphones more useful for work, but on the other hand, we’re not getting a whole lot of new things with them. If anything, it’s just made our lives more complicated (just ask people from five years ago).

No doubt, with smart phones and apps, we have been forced to go through an entirely new set of routines. When you have to answer emails from people you don’t even know, and respond to them, you know you need to be more attentive. But we often forget how much simpler a phone is than an iPad, and with that, we’re constantly distracted by new apps that are constantly being released. That is why we should be careful with how we use apps.

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